Sony Xperia S review

At the first look, this phone is different but you can immediately tell that this device is made by SONY. The biggest difference from younger brothers is the transparent line at the bottom of this phone. The phone is available in 2 colors – Black and White.

Xperia S has a beautiful 4.3 inch screen, but despite that its screen is average in terms of screen size, the device is huge and operations with one hand is hard to accomplish even if you have big hands.

In picture you can see how it compares with HTC ONE X in terms of size, despite ONE X has a bigger screen.
As we mentioned, the screen is beautiful. Its 4.3 inch big with resolution of 720×1280 and it has 342 ppi (pixels per inch). The screen is powered by SONY Mobile Bravia Engine that looks really natural.
Phone has dual core 1.5 ghz processor and a impressive 12 Mpx camera.

The best thing about this phone is its screen. But theres two major minuses.
First, Its made out of plastic and despite its a flagship phone, it feels like a mid range phone to me.
And second, it doesn’t support Micro Sim Card.
But despite these two minuses i recommend this phone to any one who’s interested in a phone with large and qualitative screen.

    OS X Mountain Lion brings a lot of great things from iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to the Mac. You can send iMessages. Get your Mac in on Game Center. Receive notifications. And more. And with iCloud, now your Mac works even better with your iOS devices.

      Microsoft released specs for the new Surface.

      And they sure are impressive.

          In 2010, Steve Jobs revealed that the iPhone was inspired by tablet prototypes. Photographs of those prototypes have now been discovered,

          revealing the very first mockups of the iPad from the early 2000s.

          Networkworld’s Yoni Hiesler discovered the photographs while investigating some Apple/Samsung court filings.

          Hiesler reports that Samsung deposed Apple’s senior vice president of industrial design Jonathan Ive in 2011, and the full transcript of that

          deposition has been filed under seal. However, a portion of the transcript was recently released.

          This portion reveals that Ive was shown photographs of a 3D mockup of an Apple produced tablet during the deposition, which was

          referred to as the 035 mockup or prototype.

          When Ive was asked whether he had ever seen the mockup before, he replied: “My recollection of first seeing it is very hazy, but it was, I’m

          guessing, some time between 2002 and 2004, some but it was I remember seeing this and perhaps models similar to this when we were first

          exploring tablet designs that ultimately became the iPad.”

          Hiesler then dug deeper into the filings to uncover the 035 mockup design being referred to in the previous deposition. These photos show

          a significantly thicker tablet than the original iPad was when it launched in 2010. The mockup even had the Apple logo, but the home

          button was absent from the design.

          This prototype may have been what inspired Steve Jobs to make the iPhone. In 2010 at the All Things D conference, the late Apple

          co-founder admitted: “I’ll tell you a secret. It began with the tablet.”

          “I had this idea about having a glass display, a multitouch display you could type on with your fingers,” said Jobs. “I asked people about

          it. And six months later, they came back with this amazing display. And I gave it to one of our really brilliant UI guys. He got [rubber band]

          scrolling working and some other things, and I thought, ‘my God, we can build a phone with this!’ So we put the tablet aside, and we went

          to work on the iPhone.”

            Given the pattern of Apple’s iPhone launches, we’re expecting the next-gen iPhone 5 release date to be mid to late 2012.

            At Apple’s WWDC 2012 event in early June we learnt a lot more about iOS 6, but there was no hardware (well, apart from new Macs).

            Check out the launch news as well

            as iOS 6: everything you need to know.

            We reported in February that the new iPhone would be launched in October, falling into line with the same release schedule from last year.

            According to analyst Shaw Wu, the Cupertino firm has reduced the number of iPhone orders by 20%-25% for this quarter ahead of the


            It seems that Foxconn will again be manufacturing the handset. It’ll put the Samsung Galaxy S3 “to shame” according to the CEO of

            Foxconn, Terry Gou – though he didn’t say how.

            However, a “Taiwan-based supply chain source” told DigiTimes in early May that Chinese firm Pegatron Technology has the iPhone 5

            order ahead of a scheduled September launch.

            According to the report Pegatron has also received orders for a 10-inch iPad, which is due to launch at the end of this year – which sounds

            equally spurious.

            This does fit in with a mooted August 7 launch date for the iPhone 5, as is currently being quoted by Know Your Mobile through an

            ‘industry source’, but we’ll wait to see if that actually comes to pass.


              Xbox 720

              While gossip surrounding the next Xbox has been churning around inside the rumour mill for a good few years now, there’s no doubt that

              we’re getting closer to learning some cold, hard facts.

              We fully expect the Xbox 720 – if it is indeed to be called that – to launch in time for Christmas 2013. And with the increasing frequency of

              new rumours, reports and leaks, an official reveal from Microsoft cannot be too far away.

              So what can we expect from the Xbox 720 when it is finally revealed by Microsoft, and when will it finally hit the shelves?

              We’ve pulled all the rumours together in this video, which we strongly suggest you take a look at:


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